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The Kaimahi Perspective

Kaupapa Māori service provision is supported by a full range of therapeutic and clinical responses. Kaimahi strongly advocate for a holistic workforce comprising both the clinical and non-clinical workforce. Included in this description is the call for a diverse, multi-skilled, clinically and culturally competent workdforce. Who is able to work holistically within a wellbeing framework, in order to meaningfully connect with and deliver improved outcomes for whānau.

Therefore, it is equally important to engage with kaimahi who work within Kaupapa Māori and non-Māori mental health and addiction services. Through their experiences, kaimahi understand some of the systemic barriers whānau face when accessing services and the many other system drivers that can improve access to services, the referral pathway and the building of a thriving workforce. The Kā Pou Whenua Kaitiaki rōpū is also made up of many kaimahi who work across the system, including specialist services.

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